When it all started years ago there were three over-riding needs that L’Alya Ninh Van Bay wanted to fulfill when the concept and ideas started flowing. The first need was that everyone wants to have space, not only in the room, but the entire resort. Open air styling coupled with respectful embracing of the natural surrounding and environment was a key component.

The second need is that the resort needed to have experts. Destination, culture, and people specialists help develop a real role in the community, and adding to the value that everyone wants.

Finally, but most important, was that L’Alya Ninh Van Bay needed to focus on Vietnamese hospitality and lifestyle on par with the most demanding international service quality standards.

These three ideals are what we still deliver today, and because of that we are a top destination for those that enjoy living life to the fullest.


L’Alya Ninh Van Bay is unlike most any other place you have visited before. Huge and expansive spaces, coconut thatched roofs with high vaulted ceilings that allow the heat to escape as fresh air is constantly pulled into the areas.

Living spaces ranging from 90 to 230 square meters, and private veranda, terrace, and swimming pools, all set to the natural wood and rock construction. This is present throughout the property, but especially noticeable in the flooring which is made from thick black stone from central Vietnam and helps to keep the fresh feel and appearance in every area.

And although they were not originally intended to be a part, the local wildlife has also become quite a standard and added to the overall essence of what L’Alya’s Ninh Van Bay vision is all about.


At your service…
Like all the best things in life, our Butlers are there to attend to your every whim. At L’Alya Ninh Van Bay we take this service to another level by customizing their involvement to each guests individual preferences. Morning, afternoon, and nights are all part of inclusive services, designed to keep you focused on having fun and creating memories that will last forever. From welcoming to the final goodbyes, our nearly 200 staff cater to every possible desire to ensure you have anything and everything possible to make the most of your stay. For you, staying in only one of 33 magical villas means that you never have to worry about how to make your wishes into reality, we take the time to do it all for you at no extra charge…


L’Alya offers a holistic wellness solution for people with anxiety and stress and a variety of recipes to keep us changing. Imagine a place where you could reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit by nature.

Understanding the need and what I have, L’Alya Ninh Van Bay is pleased to accompany you to tell your own healthy life stories with 03 criteria: FRESH LIFE – IMMERSIVE & PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE.

Each story you tell will be unique in its own right. Are you ready to join us this May – 2022?